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Warehouse Systems Engineering

Manage the cost of your supply chain with our industry leading warehouse and distribution center systems. We supply warehouse consulting, design, engineering, project management, installation and system start-up services for companies nationwide.

Equipment Distribution

We are a national material handling systems distributor of quality warehouse equipment including pallet rack, industrial shelving, industrial conveyors, mezzanines and other warehouse equipment.

Equipment Maintenance/Repair

Additionally, we offer conveyor maintenance programs, rack repairs and a wide array of warehouse accessory equipment to meet all of our customers’ warehouse needs.

Solutions for Efficiency

We help customers maximize warehouse operations, improving overall performance and supply chain objectives



We provide equipment solutions that improve the efficiency and maximize throughput of a customers’ warehouse operations, improving their overall performance and supply chain business objectives.



An estimate from Xact Warehouse Solutions isn’t just a price quote. It’s industry leading advice backed by years of experience implementing warehouse solutions all over the United States.

High Piled Storage

High Piled Storage

What is high-piled storage and are there special requirements regarding it? What is the procedure if you want to start stacking freight higher in your warehouse? High-piled storage refers to inventory that is stacked higher than a pre-determined...

August 10, 2016 by Kevin Kelley
How to Make MRO Supply Businesses Better

How to Make MRO Supply Businesses Better

When it comes to staying on top of the game in distribution, everything revolves around the basics. The companies you serve need what they need - when they need it. If they can't get it from you in a timely manner, they will look elsewhere. Here...

July 21, 2016 by Kevin Kelley
How to Improve Small Parts Picking Operations for Order Fulfillment or Manufacturing Operations

How to Improve Small Parts Picking Operations for Order Fulfillment or Manufacturing Operations

One of the greatest challenges facing order fulfillment and manufacturing companies is maintaining accuracy during small parts picking operations. Maintaining order accuracy during the picking process is critical to achieving client satisfaction...

June 27, 2016 by Kevin Kelley
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