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Warehouse Tech: Build the Supply Chain of Your Dreams Part 1 of 3;

Warehouse Tech: Build the Supply Chain of Your Dreams Part 1 of 3

Imagine you have an unlimited budget and an amazing IT department… what new technologies would you implement for your warehouse and supply management systems? Which would you choose to improve first? Inventory handling? Personnel management?

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Polar Vortex;

Polar Vortex

The first hot new phrase of 2014 could arguably be “Polar Vortex.” According to Wikipedia, a polar vortex is a persistent large scale cyclone located near the planet’s geographical poles. It’s not the first time the phenomenon has been identified...

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Xact Warehouse Solutions’ Core Values and Mission Statement;

Xact Warehouse Solutions’ Core Values and Mission Statement

In June, Xact Warehouse Solutions team members, Kevin Kelley and Stacy Kelley, reflected on the lessons learned during their EntreLeadership week in May. Below is the set of Core Values and the Mission Statement inspired by that reflection...

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Xact Warehouse Solutions at EntreLeadership;

Xact Warehouse Solutions at EntreLeadership

Last month Xact Warehouse Solutions traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to spend a week experiencing financial coach Dave Ramsey’s Entre Leadership Master Series. The event included seminars on organization, team culture, recruiting, finances, and...

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U.S. Veterans in U.S. Logistics;

U.S. Veterans in U.S. Logistics

As American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan dwindles, more and more members of the armed forces return home and prepare for a new season in life. Some of these men and women will continue domestic military careers but many seek a fresh start in...

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10 Ways to Repurpose a Pallet;

10 Ways to Repurpose a Pallet

18th century English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge is perhaps best known by his Romanticized tale “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in which sailors lament “Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink; water, water, every where, nor...

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Pallet Rack Safety;

Pallet Rack Safety

It’s easy to become comfortable with routines, less careful with safety procedures, and familiar with the tools we use every day. However, in the warehousing industry, this can be incredibly dangerous. No doubt, pallet rack is one of the...

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Shrinking the Globe (Somewhat) Locally;

Shrinking the Globe (Somewhat) Locally

Logistics Management’s Patrick Burnson wrote this month about alternative distribution networks on the rise as global shifts prove traditional off-shoring to no longer afford the savings it formerly did. With contributions from several logistics...

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2013 Supply Chain Industry Predictions;

2013 Supply Chain Industry Predictions

Clifford Lynch, of C.F. Lynch & Associates, has looked into his crystal ball (and called upon years of experience) to make predictions for the supply chain industry yet again this year. In this month’s edition of DC Velocity, Lynch has drafted a...

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