High Piled Storage Systems

So what is “high piled storage” exactly? Essentially, it’s the stacking of materials in a warehouse above 12 feet in height. Now of course, for some product types, even 8-9 feet could be a little high, but normally you’re talking 12 feet and above in warehouse storage environments to have it called high piled storage.

When Did Storage Clear 20-feet?

Modern storage definitely soars above the 12-foot mark. In the late 1930’s to early 1940’s there were quite a few changes to manufacturing. Prior to this time, warehouses typically didn’t clear 20-feet. Industrial fork lifts were also limited in their lift capabilities. But eventually by the 1980’s warehouses began getting taller. Popular fork lift manufacturers were releasing narrow aisle fork lifts with higher lift capabilities.

High Piled Storage

Today you can find massive warehouses with clear height ceilings of 30 feet and greater in every major city. Modern racking systems take advantage of this storage height, thus significantly decreasing costs vs. the procurement of more land to store things at lower heights. As you can see, high piled storage has a clear advantage.

Are Permits Required for High Piled Storage?

Yes. Any business storing industrial materials (plastics, aerosols, etc.) must follow detailed code specs which designate how and where the materials are stored. The purpose is to minimize fire damage. When the ceilings were lifted in warehouses, the threat of uncontrollable fires due to high-piled combustible storage became a real threat. Any area storing more than 500 square feet of combustible high-piled storage materials is considered a combustible storage area. Fire codes differ in various locations and permits typically are not permanent, and must be reassessed at specified intervals. You must plan and implement your high piled materials storage in the right way.

Can XACT Warehouse Solutions Help?

You bet. We’re experts at designing high-quality, safe, code-compliant high piled storage systems. We help you maximize your warehouse space in the most cost effective way. Contact us today for an estimate. We can’t wait to provide you with the finest in warehouse solutions!

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