Pick Pack and Ship

You’re off to the grocery store with a list of items to purchase. You pull into the parking lot, enter the store and begin the hunt. Cheese is the first item. Got it. Bread… that’s on the other side of the store. Got it. Wait, number three on the list is milk. That’s back with the cheese. Number 4 is olive oil. Where is that again?

You get the idea. Without a solid Pick Pack and Ship system, efficiency tanks. The awesome news is that XACT Warehouse Solutions can provide a customized Pack Pack and Ship solution that will cut your costs significantly.


An area of your warehouse should only be visited once when fulfilling an order. Never twice. Plus, the most commonly used inventory should be the fastest to get to. But that’s not all. Multiple orders should be fulfilled at the same time. Back to the grocery story analogy: Not only do we want to avoid going back across the store for the milk, but we want to have more than one grocery list being served at the same time. This is true pick pack and ship efficiency.


Although elementary, you need a clear area of space for packing. Clutter equals low efficiency AND botched orders. We all know how much time is lost when a product is left out of an order. Sometimes it’s not just time or money, but a customer; the ultimate negative. Packed orders also need to be packed the right way to protect product.


Customers want to know that you care. If they just placed an order, they want to know the status. Not only do you need to track orders, but you need to alert the customer to keep a solid line of communication in place.

Manual vs. Automated

With a manual Pick Pack and Ship system, a customer places an order. Do you have the product? You might not know for sure without a visit to the warehouse. Then you have to manually record for data entry later, then check, double and triple-check the packaging. Finally you’re setting up a shipment and filing records. That’s A LOT of work. An automated Pick Pack and Ship solution from XACT changes everything.

Pick Pack and Ship

Automated Pick Pack and Ship

An automated system operates everything out of the same data and software program. Barcode scanners mean inventory is always accurate – immediately. Intelligent picking routes equals massive amounts of time saved. Shipping is handled from the same software with rates pre-loaded in. Labels are printed, tracking is in place. Customers are alerted from the same system. You don’t have to be Einstein to see that an automated Pick Pack and Ship system will save your company astronomical amounts of time and money.

Pick Pack and Ship Delivery

XACT Warehouse Solutions is the Answer

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your warehouse pickers? Consider contacting us for a free quote. Properly designing and automation your pick pack and ship will equal the shortest, most efficient route to order fulfillment. It means massive savings with increased customer satisfaction. With XACT Warehouse Solutions it’s a win-win you can’t afford to miss!

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