Carton Flow Rack

With a First-In/First-Out product rotation, carton flow storage racking is commonly used in warehouses with high volume order picking. These gravity driven systems are loaded from the back side and the product (boxes or cartons) flow to the front of the rack system for pick and packing. These systems can be custom engineered to compliment the order filling traffic flow.

How Carton Flow Rack Works

Carton flow rack is set up as a FIFO (first in, first out) storage system. Carton flow can either be designed to be implemented with pallet rack systems or to work as standalone units. The cartons or boxes are loaded onto one side of the pallet rack system, and are picked out of the other end after having slid down the wheel bed.

Common Questions and Answers Regarding Carton Flow Rack Systems

What are common products that carton flow systems are good for?

Because carton flow rack is used to store individual cartons and not entire pallets, it’s able to accommodate a high number of SKU’s. Common industries: food and beverage, liquor,  medical, frozen foods, automotive and general distribution.

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