Pedestrian guard rail is one option we offer in equipment protection and safety products. Railing serves as a barrier to ensure the safety of people and products.  Made with structural steel posts and beams to with-stand impact.

How a Guardrail Works

Guardrail provides safety in the work areas protecting people from moving vehicles and materials. Its mass and strength will provide security for employees and equipment. The guardrails are adaptable to the space/size you need to protect and can be bolted together for easy assembly.

Common Questions Regarding Guardrail

What areas that guardrails are typically used in?

In-plant Office, Inventory Area, Loading Docks, Building Walls, Heating/Cooling Equipment, Aisleways, Mezzanines, Computer Centers, Electrical Equipment, Freezer/Cooler Panels

How are guardrails installed?

The columns are predrilled and allow for multi directional rail assembly.  Floor anchors are included.

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