Push-Back Rack

Push-back storage rack is a high density Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) pallet storage option that allows an operation to increase the storage density of their available warehouse space. Multiple factors should be considering before selecting this storage type, including product inventory, product accessibility, and forklift type, among others.

How a Push-Back Pallet Rack Works

Push-back pallet racks are slightly tilted to utilize the force of gravity, and the pallets sit in a tray positioned along the rails in the rack frame. From the front, loads can be picked and deposited with ease, while the back of the rack remains closed. When a new load is added, it simply pushes existing loads back. This not only decreases pick times, but allows for a high selection of picking faces.

Common Questions and Answers

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of push-back pallet rack is its ability to offer both selectivity (access to different pallets/SKU’s) and storage density by storing multiple pallets per position.  Because of this attribute, push-back pallet rack has steadily gained popularity in warehouses in recent decades.

Are push-back rack systems customizable?

Customized push-back pallet rack systems are indeed available, making an already custom-engineered system even more individualized to unique applications.  Push-back systems can be engineered to accommodate special pallets, such as extra-long and extra-wide pallets, as well as pallets that are not strong enough to support themselves.  In the latter situation, push-back carts are outfitted with full mesh supports to create additional surface area.

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