Protecting Your Interests & Internet

Protecting Your Interests & Internet

Xact Blog Post
July 7, 2012
Xact Blog Post

This week both tech and business worlds have been a-buzz with nervous energy over the impending shutdown of the FBI server designed to protect millions from the infamous “DNSChanger”.  If you haven’t caught wind of Monday’s scheduled disengagement or are not sure how it will affect you, please read on.

Last autumn the creators of a virus known as DNSChanger (a virus which essentially replaces everything your computer thinks it knows about connecting to trusted websites and directs it instead to malicious, spam-tastic ones) were finally incarcerated after evading authorities for nearly 5 years.  At this time, the FBI developed a specialized server network to re-re-direct infected computers toward their user’s intended destinations. These servers have now served their purpose and are ready to retire.

Unfortunately, not everyone updates their security software and scrubs their system as often as they ought to.  Those who have not done so in nearly a year have been dependent on the FBI’s network.  Because of this, it is estimated that thousands will lose their ability to navigate the web come July 9th when the servers are shut down.  As Xact Warehouse Solutions relies heavily on our internet connection for everything from email to social networking to staying up-to-date on the latest material handling industry news, it was essential we check and double check that our computers were safe.

So, how do you ensure your internet connection, business, and personal life are running smoothly when you return from the weekend?  The fastest, most reliable check you can do is to visit https://www.dns-ok.us/.  Upon arrival you will receive notification as to whether or not your machine is infected.  Mine looked like this


and was accompanied by the words “DNS Resolution=GREEN. Your computer appears to be looking up IP addresses correctly!”

This site and others like it can be found at the FBI’s dedicated DNSChanger resource page: https://forms.fbi.gov/check-to-see-if-your-computer-is-using-rogue-DNS.  If your computer is found to be infected, there is a PDF you can choose to download or view in-browser with steps to assist you in restoring your system.  I am also including a link to this PDF as it provides more detailed instructions for checking your system manually. Please be sure to install a reliable anti-virus once your system is secured.

Good luck and good tech health to you and yours!

FBI PDF on checking for DNSChanger on your computer: https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/november/malware_110911/DNS-changer-malware.pdf

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