Selective Rack

What is selective rack storage? It’s the most common type of warehouse racking systems. Even though selective racking has the lowest pallet storage capacity, it still typically offers the lowest cost per square meter of racking space. When does this change? If you have high volumes of storage greater than 2500-3000 pallets, selective rack could prove to be the most expensive way to go.

What’s a Primary Benefit of a Selective Rack System?

If your warehouse is made up of low turnover and high volume differentiation product lines, selective racking is definitely the way to go. This is called FIFO or first in first out racking. If you’re after a last in first out (LIFO) method of storage, see Push Back Racking. A FIFO or selective rack system helps ensure that short life SKU’s (or perishable goods) are moved effectively.

Selective Rack

Aisle Width for Selective Racking

You have a lot of flexibility with the width of your aisles with a selective rack system. A key point to remember: narrow width aisles don’t necessarily equal lower storage costs. Why? Because it affects your pallet handling equipment, and a fork lift operator’s error margin. Meaning, slower handling times could cost you more than increased storage. You can trust XACT Warehouse Solutions for the right advice for your specific needs.

The Right Selective Rack Solution

Designing or updating a warehouse to maximize space while operate efficiently can be a challenge. But that’s where XACT Warehouse Solutions comes into play. We analyze everything from your space to the variety of pallets, SKUs being stored… and the list goes on. Basically, no detail is left untouched. This means that the selective rack system you receive from us will help lower your monthly operating costs!  Contact us today or request a quote.

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