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High Piled Storage

What is high-piled storage and are there special requirements regarding it? What is the procedure if you want to start stacking freight higher in your warehouse? High-piled storage refers to inventory that is stacked higher than a pre-determined height. High-Pile Storage Permits are required for any business implementing high-piled storage. Here is a summary of […]

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How to Make MRO Supply Businesses Better

When it comes to staying on top of the game in distribution, everything revolves around the basics. The companies you serve need what they need – when they need it. If they can’t get it from you in a timely manner, they will look elsewhere. Here are some thoughts regarding staying on top in the […]

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How to Improve Small Parts Picking Operations for Order Fulfillment or Manufacturing Operations

One of the greatest challenges facing order fulfillment and manufacturing companies is maintaining accuracy during small parts picking operations. Maintaining order accuracy during the picking process is critical to achieving client satisfaction and to ensuring that inventory is properly counted. When orders contain a variety of different small parts, the overall efficiency of the picking […]

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Ways to Boost Warehouse Employee Productivity

The competition in the market has increased a lot as everyone is doing the best they can to get maximum productivity in the smallest amount of time; but it is not that easy, is it? Warehouse management is a major part of the business. It requires efficiency and a proper check and balance of every […]

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Are You Going to Modex?

Just about every industry holds its own trade show to highlight innovations, showcase contributors, and offer its members a place to learn, share, and network in all aspects of the trade. Well… supply chain and material handling are no different, and our team at Xact Warehouse Solutions is MODEX-bound! From April 4th through 7th MHI, […]

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Warehouse Tech-Build the Supply Chain of Your Dreams Part 3 of 3

We’re still dreaming….remember you have an unlimited budget and an amazing IT department… So far in talking about building the supply chain of our dreams we touched on what robots and hardware could do to enhance the workplace, now let’s focus on Software. Aside from the physical logistics of handling materials and managing workers and […]

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