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High Piled Storage

What is high-piled storage and are there special requirements regarding it? What is the procedure if you want to start stacking freight higher in your warehouse? High-piled storage refers to inventory that is stacked higher than a pre-determined height. High-Pile Storage Permits are required for any business implementing high-piled storage. Here is a summary of […]

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Ways to Boost Warehouse Employee Productivity

The competition in the market has increased a lot as everyone is doing the best they can to get maximum productivity in the smallest amount of time; but it is not that easy, is it? Warehouse management is a major part of the business. It requires efficiency and a proper check and balance of every […]

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Warehouse Tech-Build the Supply Chain of Your Dreams Part 2 of 3

Let’s continue dreaming….remember you have an unlimited budget and an amazing IT department… Last week we began talking about building the supply chain of our dreams and touched on what robots could do to enhance the workplace, now let’s focus on Hardware. Surely, in your real life warehouse, you do have some pretty nifty devices: […]

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Pallet Rack Safety

It’s easy to become comfortable with routines, less careful with safety procedures, and familiar with the tools we use every day.  However, in the warehousing industry, this can be incredibly dangerous.  No doubt, pallet rack is one of the most commonplace varieties of material handling equipment, seemingly an extension of the building in which it stands. Although we […]

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Free Warehouse Safety Printable

Storage Solutions, a partner of Safety Management Group, has created a streamlined collection of safety tips that are available for free download and to print.  These recommended procedures and practices have been gathered from a number of industry sources and government standards.  Xact Warehouse Solutions cares about the safety, productivity, and integrity of our customer’s business operations so […]

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Rack Protection

It can easily be said that an individual, a group, or even an idea is only as good as the legs on which it stands. The same is true for your warehouse.  If your equipment is not reinforced it is vulnerable.  Leaving your equipment vulnerable leaves you, your employees, your product and your business vulnerable. To protect […]

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